Hungry Wolves NFT Examples
  • MINT PHASE 1: 100% of the first 2,500 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank.
  • MINT PHASE 2: 25% of the next 1,000 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank. The other 75% were Betas.
  • MINT PHASE 3: 10% of the last 2,500 Hungry Wolves minted held an Alpha rank. The other 90% were Betas.
Alpha & Beta Logos
Werewolf Coin
Hungry RUNTZ
Hungry RUNTZ
Wolfpacks Trait Map

While only one Hungry Wolf or Runt per wallet can formally join a Wolfpack, we’ve ensured that other game mechanics are designed in a way where it’s strategically advantageous to hold multiple. More on this in the sections below.

Discord Wolfpack Channels
Lil Lamb (Left) and Scrumptious Sheep (Right)
Scrumptious Sheep & Lil Lamb Rarity
Mythical Lil Lamb

In addition to our regular monthly airdrops, we’re committing to doing at least one additional drop each month with a unique collectable NFT sheep designed by our team.

Holiday Lil Lamb (Left) and Scrumptious Sheep (Right)
  • Hungry Farm: Meant for eating. Reserved for the 10 static NFTs of varying rarity used in our standard monthly airdrops.
  • Hungry Barn: Meant for collecting. Reserved for limited drops.
Scrumptious Sheep + Lil Lamb Dominance Chart

Based on rarity levels, the end result is that Alpha wolves will receive a Scrumptious Sheep worth an average of 30 Dominance per month. Beta wolves will receive a Lil Lamb worth an average of 15 Dominance per month.

Dominance Logo

Each Hungry Wolf in your wallet will be able to consume a maximum of three NFTs (either Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs) per month before it becomes full. RUNTZ, due to their small size, can only consume one NFT per month.

  • If you hold a single Hungry Wolf in your wallet, you’ll earn one NFT during our monthly airdrop. You can acquire up to two more via buying/trading and can eat a maximum of three Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs before you have to wait until the following month to consume more. This caps the amount of Dominance you can earn via eating each period.
  • If you own more wolves, you can eat three NFTs with each of them during a period; significantly accelerating your wallet-based Dominance earnings. As an example if you own 6 wolves, you’d earn enough sheep during a single airdrop to fill up two of them, which can be done all at once.
  • Since only one of your wolves can be your Primary Wolf and belong to a Wolfpack, it creates balance for Wolfpack Competitions, as each wallet can only eat three sheep per month that also benefit your Wolfpack.
  • This creates incentives for your Primary wolf to consume rarer sheep and maximize Dominance that’s simultaneously attributed to your Wolfpack.

TLDR: Owning more wolves will allow you to significantly accelerate your Dominance earnings, not only by receiving more sheep via airdrops, but being able to consume them more quickly within a single wallet.

  • They’re “stackable” in the sense that if you own multiple, you’ll only have one token shown on your OpenSea profile along with a X owned counter. This is the same for when you visit OpenSea to purchase / sell sheep, or view your own wallet holdings.
ERC-1155 Example
  • They cost virtually nothing to transfer. Which means that when you eat, and therefore burn, the NFTs — gas fees should be extremely minimal.
Wolfpack Logos
  • You choose a Primary Wolf from your wallet to join a Wolfpack.
  • When you consume Scrumptious Sheep or Lil Lambs with your Primary Wolf, Dominance earned will be mirrored & attributed to your Wolfpack.

We expect these competitions to evolve and incorporate different mechanics over time.

  • Opposing Rank: Beta vs. Alpha
  • Same Rank: Alpha vs. Alpha & Beta vs. Beta
Wolf vs. Wolf
Challenge Logo

Our plan is to make these HIGHLY visible via Discord and Twitter integration, so wolves can challenge others publicly and cheer on the results.

  • Tier 1: Hat or Object— 2,000 Dominance
  • Tier 2: Background or Tail— 1,000 Dominance
  • Tier 3: Hands — 500 Dominance
Normal Pirate Hat (Left) vs. Diamond Pirate Hat Augment (Right)
Hungry RUNTZ Augment Example
Diamond Crown Augment

The goal is for this to be something to strive for and work on over time, not to happen overnight. Though of course those that own multiple Hungry Wolves will have the means to get there faster.



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